What number to buy?

Colorful numbersThere may be time you walk into a 4D station but was blank on what numbers to buy.  Do you simple scribble any 4 digits and buy or just walk toward the counter and buy off the shelf some ready numbers?  Well, it does not matters to me, because no one know what numbers will be drawn as the first prize.  As long as you did buy a number, you stand a chance to win.

If you do not buy a specific set of numbers, nor often play 4D, but do occasionally buy whenever you have the urge and good feeling, considering buying your date of birth, car number, last 4 digit of your mobile number.  These are your personal numbers which make perfect sense to invest in these numbers.  You may include your wife date of birth or that of your children and make it into a jackpot bet.  A small investment of additional dollar may provide a once in a life time returns.

It is importance that when you step into the station, be confident and know before hand what numbers you wish to play so that you can mentally prepare to visualize these numbers appearing to be the first, second or third prize.

While we can wish you luck, you must be mentally prepare to harass the power surrounding you to work in your favour.



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