Step on animal’s poop or head hit with bird squirts is consider lucky?

Well, this is something arguable, at least I think so.

Most people would have cursed till the cow come home, and stoned for minutes without knowing what to do. Where can you turn to clean off your shoe, if you accidentally stepped on animal dung? It is getting quite common nowadays when irresponsible pet owners take their dogs for a walk without equipping themselves with spade and bag to remove their pet dung. Malaysian mentality is that these are precious fertilizers that they are contributing back to nature. lol

Basically, these people are plain irresponsible and equally fearful to the thought of collecting their pet’s dung and disposing them correctly. Instead of their pet dogs dirtying their house compound, they walk their dog not for exercise but more of their toilet routine.

With more and more dungs around the garden, walkway, grass fields, it is quite common to step onto one. :)
Most normally cursed, but maybe some take it positive and see it as stepping onto a gold mine, thus deem such incident to be lucky.

As for those hit with flying torpedo, right on forehead. It must be lucky as it so much unlikely to happen. So, anyone getting hit from the sky should take the positive clue that luck is befalling onto him. Quickly rush to a 4D outlet.



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