Police warn of new 4D ticket trick

It is reported in the newspaper that Tawau police chief ACP Awang Besar Dullah has reminded the public to be wary of a 4D ticket scam which supposedly offers unsuspecting victims up to RM30,000.

The syndicate members will approach victims by showing them a 4D ticket said to have won between RM100,000 to RM500,000 but cannot be claimed due to lack of identification documents. They will then ask the victims to claim the prize money on their behalf and promise rewards up to RM30,000.00. The victims will then to taken in a car to locations near banks, and ask for copies of their MyKad or passport. Before the victims do so, they will request the victims to leave valuables or some money as collateral so that they do not run off with the 4D tickets.

The victims would only realise that they have been cheated when they return after making copies of their MyKad to find the car and the syndicate members missing.

Let’s be clear about claiming 4D winning tickets. Although the above reported news is from Tawau, Sabah, the same trick may be used to trick any unsuspecting member of public in Malaysia.

Firstly, for claims less than RM2,000 it will be made in cash and payment above RM2,000 are in cheque from any respective 4D gaming outlets. Claiming of 4D winning is not from bank!

As for payout above RM60,000. Claims must be make at the gaming operator regional office. Anyway, the morale of the story is never be greedy and be suspicious of any reward / offers that is too good.



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