Parking Summon – Could that bring you luck?

parking sumon

Parking Summon

We would usually frowned upon seeing a parking summon on our car screen.  That goes at least RM50 bucks.  Be it parking summon, speeding summon and or other summon, we would perceive it negatively. That is a normal behavioural and reaction course, it means cash outflow.  Well, who else should we blamed, except ourself for not respecting the law.

Well, we can continue to feel bad about it and let it spoilt our day, or can we take it positively.  All Summons come with many numbers. Haha. It is the numbers that make us excited.  Could these summon be your sources of winning numbers?  Would these Summon tickets bring you more money then you have to pay for them?

Anyway, you will have to settle you fine, why not make this summon experience a pleasant one?  Fork out a of couple of Ringgit and wager on the summon ticket number, maybe you will have to thank the enforcement officer for bring you the luck.  Even if you did not strike any prizes, playing 4D with the summon tickets would surely have some soothing effect.

Think positive and live positive!  Good Luck.

P/S: If you get a parking summon, chances are you can appeal for a lower fine. 



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