How to improve your chance of winning

4D game is all about luck, that is at least our opinion. Although some may disagree and insist that there are formula, system, analysis etc to predict the winning numbers, and we shall review their approach in future.  What we would like to talk about today is how can we improve our chance of winning by increasing our luck.  As to how we insist that 4D game is all about luck, one need to understand how the winning 4D results are generated.  Read the process here.

Have you ever wonder why some people around you seem to be winning in 4D games, striking grand prizes occasionally and numerous special or consolation prizes again and again, yet the numbers you wagered on never come close?  Well, it could be our luck level.  So, let’s explore ways we can improve our luck level.

charityDo more good deeds, get more good karma!
What go around comes around. So, do charity work, offer sincere help to those in needs. It need not always be monetary, it can be as simple as helping a school boy cross the road, to giving your seat to the elderly, or volunteering to help under-privilege children in their studies. Whatever good deeds you do, you shall receive equally good returns. At least that is what we believed.

Stay Positive
The mind is strong and it can do wonders. Stay positive and be optimistic. Those in cheerfully mood attracts positive energy and luck compared to those who are always complaining. Lady luck would not want to mess with a angry person.

Feng-ShuiApply Feng Shui tips
Feng Shui is an ancient science of art or art of science. Anyway, Feng Shui is nothing superstitious nor religious, it is actually about harassing the power of earth energy (positive chi) and repelling / avoiding areas of negative chi. When you have mother earth behind you, what more can you ask for?

Visualising your winning moment
To get closer to winning, you should always stay positive and visualising your winning moment! Visual in your mind how excited you are when the winning number matches your 4D tickets, visual the moment you received the cheque from the 4D operator representative and not forgetting visual the moment you make a donation to help those in need. The saying “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” So, before wagering on the number, visual the number appearing the Kiss4D result. :)

Winning 4D is the ultimate aim we are gearing toward, but we need to be patient, persistent, and having a positive attitude, you’ll see many more lucky results in your 4D games.



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