How could you feel if you win RM15,767,737.70

jackpotWinning over RM15 million is really unimaginable.  Has anyone playing 4D game expect such a huge winning?  The first prize payout for Magnum, Sports TOTO and Damacai 4D is only RM2,500 for every RM1 bet.  So, to try winning over RM10 million, you would need to play 4D jackpot.

4D Jackpot is a relatively new game, which was just required an additional investment of RM2 on your 2 set of 4D number.  But, these additional RM2 can earn you additional RM2million (plus any snowball amount) if your number is picked as the Jackpot 1st prize.

Winning Jackpot prize when your 2 set of 4D numbers appear in the 13 winning numbers.  You will win the Jackpot 1st Prize if your 2 set 4D numbers appear as the 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize.  Striking Jackpot 1st prize will see your bank account filled with at least 7 digits! (That is millions)

If your 1 set of 4D numbers appear as the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prize, and the other appear in the 10 special number, you will win Jackpot 2, which assured you a minimum win of RM100,000.00

So, when you are wagering on your next number, consider the additional RM2 investment.  In May 2013, a lucky guy won Jackpot RM15,767,737.70 with number 9052 & 6060 in Sports Toto (draw  3889/13).  How I wish it was me.



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