Coming Wednesday, it will be 1517 or 1616

wednesday24th July 2013, Wednesday, A Draw day!

Would this day be recorded in history, or it will remain as just any usual day?  Would 1517 or 1616 be a hot number?  Would you also consider number like 2407, 2413?  Would these numbers sold out?

At about 7-8pm, majority of Malaysian will be waiting and praying for the result….it will be either 1517 or 1616!  So, which number do you support?

Would the announcement by the Election Commission for Kuala Besut by-election results be reflected in Magnum, Damacai or Sports TOTO results?  If indeed it is 1616, things will get very interesting and will definitely be the headlines for all major newspapers in Malaysia.  That is something for sure!



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