Win a Perodua Myvi with Damacai

Yes.  Not only you stand a chance to win your prize money, but also a chance to drive home a Perodua Myvi when you play 3D jackpot with Damacai. With every RM6 investment to your 3D jackpot game, you will receive an entry form to participate in this contest which will end on 21 July […]

Parking Summon – Could that bring you luck?

We would usually frowned upon seeing a parking summon on our car screen.  That goes at least RM50 bucks.  Be it parking summon, speeding summon and or other summon, we would perceive it negatively. That is a normal behavioural and reaction course, it means cash outflow.  Well, who else should we blamed, except ourself for […]

How could you feel if you win RM15,767,737.70

Winning over RM15 million is really unimaginable.  Has anyone playing 4D game expect such a huge winning?  The first prize payout for Magnum, Sports TOTO and Damacai 4D is only RM2,500 for every RM1 bet.  So, to try winning over RM10 million, you would need to play 4D jackpot. 4D Jackpot is a relatively new […]

4D Result Statistic

How long would you continuously wager on your favourite numbers?  One year, two years or you have never missed to wager on your numbers for every draw?  We know that there are people who always buy the same set of numbers for many years, It is like investing in these numbers and waiting just for […]

What number to buy?

There may be time you walk into a 4D station but was blank on what numbers to buy.  Do you simple scribble any 4 digits and buy or just walk toward the counter and buy off the shelf some ready numbers?  Well, it does not matters to me, because no one know what numbers will […]