4D Result Statistic

How long would you continuously wager on your favourite numbers?  One year, two years or you have never missed to wager on your numbers for every draw?  We know that there are people who always buy the same set of numbers for many years, It is like investing in these numbers and waiting just for the right moment.

There is nothing wrong about this approach, at least, you don’t have to crack your head every week, wondering what numbers to buy.  You simply walk into the 4D stations and pass them your standard set of numbers.  In fact, you can buy up to 5 draws in advance, thus saving you time and hassle, but most importantly, you are assured to secure your numbers.  Remember, there are possibility of some number being sold-out.

We have known some people hitting the jackpot when their numbers which they have invested for years finally come up first prize, resulted in a great windfall.  So, persistence pays.  To adopting this approach, just ensure that you have sufficient money set aside and these are extra money which does not impact your daily livelihood.

You may also want to check our 4D tools – 4D Result Statistic, which will provide you the winning history of your numbers, thus, giving you a better picture of your number performance.

Good Luck!



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